Your Not So Beautiful Now...

Released at: April 5, 2012 by Academy Wrestling
Katherine Parton, the very physically able Italian Fitness queen known for her exquisite body as well as her extremely attractive face, has wagered a great fortune on Shauna Summers to win the Miss South Bay pageant. Katherine arrives at the gym for her weekly massage to find Miko filling in for the regular masseuse. Katherine doesn't yet know that Shauna dropped out of the pageant because Miko, also a contestant, had thoroughly beaten her (ACA-03). But when Katherine learns to truth, look out! Sleek Japanese beauty Miko Handa is filling in for a friend to make a little extra money. When she lets it slip that Shauna dropped out due to her ass-kicking, Miko has to fight for her very life against the enraged Katherine. Both women use their beautiful bare breasts as weapons, and although Katherine is definitely stronger, Miko's quickness and years of Aikido training hold her in good stead. The Japanese beauty controls the action until Katherine's quick reversal, but even then Miko's got the luck of the Irish! Carolyn Cox shows up with her sexy lingerie and 36DD's and comes to Miko's aid, FOR A FEE! Then it's two against one to a tit-smothering finish - or is it finished? Who can you trust?

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