Young3Sum #5

Released at: April 30, 2006 by Oriental Dream Pictures
For these dirty Japanese sluts, one cock is not enough. That why they all like to participate in a Young 3 Sum (vol. 5). A series that features one hairy pussy per scene taking in double penetrating cocks! One prick on each end fucking the whoriental's face and stuffing her twat at the same time! Nasty little Asian ho's moaning to have their porcelain bodies rammed! Feast yourself with Mako Fukatsu and Miruko Asakura. Mako is slightly on the curvy side. She's thick for the average Asian girl. Her scenes are pretty hot with lots of pussy pounding. The guys like to hit her hard 'cuz she's well padded. Especially, her pussy. Really wet, very tight! She's even caught swallowing some cum! Miruku is a bit of a wild child. Her tattoos and feisty attitude makes her one scorching slut! She likes to take initiative even when it means licking an asshole! Miruku is a much better fuck. Watch and found out! This series is popular with the Japanese porn fans and volume 5 is going to be another good seller. Enjoy these young horny honeys from the Far East!

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