Young Harlots Always Misbehave

Released at: September 7, 2022 by Young Throats
Their folks back at home think theyre sweet and innocent little beauties, but (as youll soon discover) nothing could possibly be further from the truth. Fact is the likes of Tera and Nadya love cock like nothing else; and cant wait to embark on the kind of wanton frenzies that wet dreams are almost certainly made of. Of course, these young throats dont stand a chance when confronted by the oversized schlongs that they encounter here; and before you know it each one of these little angels is getting their mouths stretched to the max like the sure-fire harlots they are. The result is a top-notch, five-star bonanza which will have you reaching for the tissues in next to no time; with a volcanic crescendo of jizz secured each and every time!

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Kate Shira

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