You Like My Girlfriend

Released at: May 29, 2022 by Fake Hostel Clips
When Sam Bourne booked a room at the Fake Hostel he was expecting a quiet evening, that is until Jade Presley and Max Dior walked in looking for a bed to crash in. Sam has a roommate and has to turn them away, but his decision is made difficult when Jade starts to flash him her shaved pussy and shake her bare ass! Max and Jade head to the room next door, where Jade quickly convinces her boyfriend to eat her pussy. Attracted by Jade's moans, Sam can't believe what he's seeing, but when Max leaves to shower, Jade pulls him into the room and gives him a blowjob! Turns out both Ben and Max like what Jade has to offer, and they double team her to a thick double facial!

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