Yoa @ 8.5 Months

Released at: July 24, 2012 by 97% Amateurs
Yoa is back at 36 weeks (8.5 months) sporting a near perfect belly with a fabulous OUTIE belly button. She introduces herself & lifts up her grey top. We look at the belly from various angles. She makes a heart over the belly button. Another side view. She takes the top off & reveals a pure white bra, and then slips the left bra cup down & we see her large yet perfect dark areolas. She pushes her boobs together and gives a little boob juggling, then again in slow motion. Then she does a standing side to side boob wiggle to show some colliding boobs, and then again in slow motion. Finally, she removes her bra and stretches it from end to end, diagonally between her boobs. She lifts the bra over her head and wiggles it from side to side. She swings the bra and then whirls it around in a circle a couple of times then tosses it in slow motion. Next, she squeezes her boobs to get some first milk out and you see wetness on both nipples. She pushes both nipples together and does some slow motion boob bouncing, giving a side view of the same. She leans forward with a nice hanging belly view, close-up. She gives a side to side wiggle followed by slow motion of the same. She poses for another leaning forward belly and boob view. Wiggles! She's now fully naked, showing a side view of the belly and her pubic mound pussy curves. She places her hands on her lower belly. Her pussy has a little bit of stubble showing. She gets into a Budweiser two piece black & silver swimsuit. It fits nicely with an interesting space between her top and bottom. She adjusts the suit, giving you a nice side belly view, and then a butt view of the 2 piece Budweiser bikini outfit. She shows her belly from side to side. She pulls the top down and wiggles her boobs, then again in slow motion. She squeezes her boobs together using just her upper arms. Small belly rub. She removes the top and then the bottoms. She places her hands under her belly to give a low angle view of her belly. She squats to the ground and we see her pussy spread a little. Her butt settles on the ground. You get belly and pussy views with the belly line pushing against her pubic mound. Then you get a side belly view and a view of her belly and boobs from above, with some nipple close-ups. She lifts and bounces her right boob, squeezing her nipple for some more milk. Some milk drips down her breast. Next, she gets into a horizontally striped multi-colored top, giving belly and boob views when she pulls the top down one boob at a time. She leans forward and pulls the top down even further and wiggles. With the top halfway down her belly, she rubs her belly and gives a side view. She puts her hand on the upper part of her pussy and the camera zooms in close. The camera zooms in close to her nipples too, and then gives a low angle view of her pussy. She gives a semi-squat view of her pussy, and then stands up again. She sits down again, and then lays herself down on her back. Side pussy view followed by a body scan that goes from head to toe. Yoa brings her legs up towards her chest with her legs apart. The camera zooms in on her pussy and she pulls her pussy lips apart, stretching her outer lips which pull on her inner lips. She holds that pose, stretches and releases her pussy lips. She pulls up on her pussy, and then spreads her pussy up to show her clit, and holds that pose. Her pussy is very pink. She moves the clit a bit. Spreading and releasing the pussy. She gives a side view on her hands and knees with a beautiful belly hang. We go between her legs and watch her boobs swing side to side. Then you get an overhead view of her boobs with the nipples pushed together and squeezed. She does more nipple squeezing and pulling. She vacuum pumps her nipple and milk drips out as the clear plastic cup is removed. She bounces her boob up and down in slow motion until the drop of milk is released. She plays with our manual breast pump, pumping it up and down. Yoa is now in her maternity nighty top. She gives another belly view from the side with her hands on her belly. She then slaps her butt cheeks in slow motion while she stands with her pussy lips spread. In a white & red top & bottom with small red harts in a very even pattern all over the top and bottom, she wiggles her pussy up and down. She jumps in slow motion and runs in place. She takes off the top and bottom, says goodbye and walks off the set.

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