XConfessions Vol. 7

Released at: September 14, 2020 by XConfessions by Erika Lust
A Lethal Femme Fatale - Max is lying on his back. He's dizzy. He is a detective - at least that's what it says on that plate on his office's door. He looks up, he's not alone. He identifies her sillhouette. She's holding a gun. And she's pointing it at him. Will he survive to a lethal femme fatale? Imagine the ultimate fantasy: to have your own sex stories reenacted by other people in cinematic films. This is the concept that lies beneath Erika Lust's most ambitious project to date: XConfessions. Each month Erika handpicks two confessions and adapts them into edgy, beautiful and steamy short films. Dirty Doctor - A doctor's coat is a powerful symbol. Maybe it's because it says "I'm going to fix you", maybe it's because we feel so comfortably vulnerable when we are at the doctor's office. Reasons won't actually matter as the truth is only one: it's a classic! So make room for Vex Ashley, a very sassy patient, and Mickey Mod, the ultimate Dirty Doctor. The Bitchhiker - The Bitchhiker is a story of a girl who rides a badass motorcycle not because it looks good or because that's what badasses girls do, but because it's in her nature. She speeds up to feel the breeze when she spots a hitchhiker. Parker Marx mounts the motorcycle and Olympe knows that they're in for a nice ride. Sun, oil and a strap on will drive the best ride they'd ever have. Meow Kittens Orgy - In Amber Nevadas fantasy, she is playing a role play with cats. She wants to wear little ears and tails and the foreplay would be to scratch sofas, to play with fluffy things, to watch birds, and to drink milk. From other girls cats bodies. Somos Solo Cuerpos - Have you ever thought about how wonderful it is to have pleasure? To feel your skin getting warm, your body heating up, your muscles starting trembling? Have you given yourself time to feel all those things with the calmness it deserves, enjoying every second, without rushing for the climax? Watch Julia Roca and Joel Tomas in this true homage to the human body and it's wondrous journey through pleasure. Female Ejaculation - : Its 2016! Drones are making videodocumentaries, we are getting a set of humans to populate Mars, and women can ejaculate. What? You didnt know of that? Horny Beasts - The most artistic film of the XConfessions series is a blend of sex and contemporary dance. Misha Cross is a delicate girl who finds herself feeling an intense desire for the hybrid creatures around them. She is scared but horny, she wants to dominate them and be taken by them. With Max Deeds in Juan Lucho shell enter an adventure of chase, lust and pleasure. Circus Aerius Perversus - The first real life erotic documentary of the XConfessions series! Jowy & Eze are both acrobats and circus erotic performers. Jowy was born in Barcelona, Eze in Argentina. They met a few years ago when she switched her life around and flew to South America to study circus arts in Buenos Aires. They fell in love and got over several obstacles in order to be together. In this film well see their intimacy under the limelight, as hot and seducing as it gets. Carne - Have you ever wanted someone so much that you want to bite them, cut them into pieces, cook them and eat them? The kitchen is clean, Zoe is preparing a special meal. She pours some wine and take a sip, making it very clear that Parker is not welcome to drink from her glass. His arms are tied to the chair. He also cant move, or speak. You can see in his eyes that the poor guy is starving! - but what is he really wishing, the meal, or her? I Put a Pagan Spell on You - Its june 1772, a woman is in her house. Only candles light up the room while she begins to set bones and objects on the table. You hear her voice all of a sudden. What is she doing? She is reciting a spell.This witch is longing for a man, is desiring him and will wait for him on the woods. She wants him to feel the heat of her body warm and to lust after her.

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