WV-115: Lee Vs. Kim - Mauled Model

Released at: September 23, 2011 by L. Scott Sales
Stunning beauties Lee and Kim tangle topless in a wild, sexy submissions-only match! Tall, tan temptress Lee pits her power against beautiful, smaller, but cat-quick Kim. Contrasting styles displayed by contrasting beauties in a cruel struggle that sees one establish her superiority and punish her foe with an arsenal of painful holds, including crushing bear hugs, arm-stretches and leg locks, plus some humiliating (and effective) breast smothers and face straddles! Catfighters Heather and Lucy collide in "Mauled Model" as female vanity leads to a dispute over who has the bigger, shapelier boobs! Stripping off their clothes fails to end it! Loud talk doesn't settle it. So the busty belles rip into each other physically! What follows is a wild display of slapping, spanking, hair pulling and breast squeezing. One of the lovelies finally wins under the unrelenting breast punishment inflicted on her by the other, but not before you've witnessed one horrendous catspat!

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Scene1: 00:00:41 - 00:13:37 (12:56)


Kim, Lee

Scene2: 00:13:38 - 00:27:09 (13:31)


Lucy, Sasha B