With Love Annette

Released at: May 15, 2006 by Caballero Home Video
Soft loving hands caress sensuous legs as they seductively remove sheer stocking revealing a creamy white skin that seems almost too perfect. Your eyes trace upward, undressing as they go, pausing to absorb each wonderfully molded curve. Then, upward toward the flowing auburn hair as it falls upon soft shoulders and finally to those loving eyes that tell you it's all right to touch... Annette. Ask any man who's seen erotic motion pictures. What gorgeous beauty favors you with her charms, her talents, her flowing sensuality? He will answer simply... Annette Haven. In a world where stars come and go, and adjectives are all too easily applied, there is one star that remains the lady...Annette Haven. She is perhaps the queen of erotic motion pictures and the winner of numerous Adult Film Association of America Awards. Join her in a few of the many special moments she's brought to the world of adult entertainment and linger over the sensuously erotic, Annette Haven.

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