Wild West Ponygirls

Released at: April 7, 2011 by Shadowplayers
Five young, beautiful, naked (and mostly naked) girls are featured in different scenic Western locations being trained and used as human ponies. The ponygirls are shown being harnessed in leather with tight straps cruelly cinched into their shaven pussies. In several scenes, the ponies have butt plugs with tails attached into their asses. A variety of bridles are used to control the ponies, including both bits and ball gags. Some ponies are trained for speed while wearing boots, while others are trained for punishment and discipline, struggling to pull their handler's heavy cart across rough rocks with tender bare feet. Nipples are adorned with clamps and bells. Whips are used to encourage a quick response. Watch as one ponygirl is locked naked in a cage, put in a van and transported on public roads to her sessions. A good drenching with cold water ends one dusty outdoor trip, and two ponygirls are used to give their Master's dirty boots a cleaning with their tongues.

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