Wild Summer Skinny Dip

Released at: July 8, 2021 by Thursday Night Video
Let's face it, this past summer was not the summer we were hoping for. What's a summer without a little SKINNY-DIPPING? Our two girls, Kylie and Aften, are not going to let covid get in the way of a trip down south! Kylie and Aften are driving from San Francisco to San Diego ? but with Covid ravaging California, not many bathrooms are open. So Kylie decides to stop over at her uncle's place on the way down so they can rest from their drive and, of course, use the bathroom! Her uncle is very happy to see them, naturally, but he has to leave right away on business. Let alone, the girls walk around his pool lamenting that they don't have their swimsuits on such A HOT DAY! As Aften goes to check out the water, Kylie PUSHES HER IN! Aften gets Kylie back by pulling her ass in the pool as well! The two cuties are immersed yet fully clothed when Kylie spots what looks like her cousin's POP-A-SHOT game. She persuades Aften right then and there to play a little game of STRIP POP-A-SHOT! A pretty bold move considering they can hear neighbors all around them!

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