Wicked Lesbian Mothers Bullied Teens

Released at: March 9, 2013 by Love's Kitty
Imagine you are a striking Young Girl with an appearance so pretty and a body so mature and you have a stepmother who is appealing but a mean witch! She always has you doing the housework, treating you like a peasant. One day her lesbian lover comes over and they decide to pin you down and drink all the intoxicating pussy juice out of your ripened pussy! Excited? Yes you bet! Two strong elegant lesbian mother's one naive teen and so much pussy juice flowing! Imagine you - a beautiful young woman with a face and body are so cute, so ready, and you have a step-mother, who is cute, but buying a witch! She always has you do the work on the house, treat you like a peasant. One day, her lesbian girlfriend comes and they decide to pin you and drink all the juice out of your pussy! Worried? Yeah you bet! Two strong gorgeous lesbian mothers and one innocent teenager is for pussy juice!

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