What Do You Want Me To Say?

Released at: July 26, 2013 by Skow for Girlfriends Films
Bill loves Amy and Amy loves Bill, but Bill can't stop cheating on Amy. She makes him promise never to do it again, but even he admits that this might be impossible. Still, a couple of months go by and he holds true to his promise. Things are looking up. Then Bill meets Cerina, a beautiful, albeit awkward young model who comes on to him during a photo shoot. He rebuffs her at first, but finds himself unable to say no to her. Amy finds out and demands that she meet the young Cerina, to find out what she has that Amy doesn't. After meeting her, Amy finds she can't stay mad at her. Especially when the truth comes out about Amy's own infidelities. The story ends with Bill and Amy making a kind of shaky truce, built upon a new wrinkle in their folds: that they are both a little bit turned on by the infidelities. And maybe they should encourage them instead of stifling them.

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