Wet Black Ass Overload #2

Released at: November 4, 2013 by Evasive Angles
Overload Definition: Too much ass to handle that's what's really going on in this joint! Too much beautiful phat ass, mother fuckers will be broken by this collection of dimes! For instance, covergirl Skyler is just 18 but oh so experienced and dying to smash a so called stud into the ground. She can literally and wants to fuck you for 12 hours a day! Her gorgeous smooth skinned ass and beautiful face will make you or break you! Skyler is amazing! Symone from Texas is another thicker than a snicker dream with a pretty face, smooth dark skin and a snapping back super fat perfect pussy that no one has ever lasted more than 10 minutes, especially in doggie! Enjoy!

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Scene1: 00:37:15 - 01:08:47 (31:32)


Cable Man

Scene2: 01:08:49 - 01:39:22 (30:33)

Scene3: 01:39:24 - 02:17:33 (38:09)


Scene4: 02:17:35 - 02:49:53 (32:18)