Well Sexy Women

Released at: April 28, 2017 by Pride Video
  • Studio: Pride Video
  • Duration: 00:55:00
  • Production year: 1993
  • Scene count: 1
  • Cast:
The need for an informative and candid safer sex guide for lesbians is clear. In "Well Sexy Women" you will see frank presentations of the practicalities and sensuality of safer sex in today's threatening world. Made by and for lesbians with stunning beauty and openness, "Well Sexy Women" doesn't shy away from sensitive subjects, delivering timely information in a sensual and passionate way. Six beautiful women explicitly demonstrate safer sex techniques erotically. The facts without the sermon. **This title ships on a DVD-R format disc. Please note, some DVD players may not be able to play this format. Please make sure your DVD player is compatible with this format before purchasing this title.**

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