Veronica Avluv Panty

Released at: July 24, 2013 by Playtime Video
The busty MILF of all MILFs Veronica Avluv is back to tease every last drop of your creamy cock in her sexy panties. She starts you off in her sexy lingerie and black stockings talking about her sweet pussy. She wants to see you fuck yourself and she tells you to get that big cock out. She bends her nice round ass over in your face and acknowledges your throbbing cock. She knows what she does to you as she pulls her panties up tight between her pussy lips. The high heels come off for some in your face foot play as she guides your masturbation session in to full effect. She squats down with her legs open and thrusts her panty covered pussy in your face as she imitates you jerking off to her. The bra comes off and she takes the camera for some up close one on one time with you. Her filthy mouth is more than you can handle from this hot little panty tease. Veronica stands up and tugs her panties so tight that you can see her pussy lips become red and swollen as they hang out the sides of her panties. Now it's time for another sexy pair as she changes into a pink g-string and gets you worked up all over again. Veronica is so adorably cute in her pig tails and spandex bodysuit. Her playful demeanor will drive you wild as she talks about her naughty thoughts. She is so giving and so understanding of your fetish with tight fitting spandex on a sexy woman. She shows you right where she wants that hot creamy load as she takes control of your jerk off session. She moves to the floor for those tasty stretches and in your face foot play as she slides of her socks and shows off her sexy feet. The spandex comes off next and in her white cotton panties she continues to entice you with panty teasing moves that will own your hot stiff cock. Calvin Klein panties never looked so good! This sexy MILF comes with experience and she grinds her pussy in these panties like a champ! After she acknowledges you cumming for her she slides into another pair of Calvin Klein panties this time, tight little boy shorts that will have you busting that nut all over the place. Veronica is not so nice in this scene as she calls you out as a desperate guy who has been jacking off since you were a kid. She knows what her tight spandex shorts and tube socks do to your cock and she spares no mercy on you as she teases the cum right out of you. Your premature ejaculation lets her know how much control she has over you. She calls you pathetic and continues to mind fuck you as she slides her spandex shorts off and takes over in her tight red panties. She tells you that you can't have a real woman because you're not a real man. She makes fun of your little penis and orders you to come up to the screen as she intimidates you some more. In only her tight red panties and matching tube socks she leads your cock into a throbbing explosion before changing into a purple g-string and finishing you off one more time. Veronica feels the need to overcompensate for being so mean to you in her last scene. This time she is in her bedroom wearing lingerie with a garter belt, stockings and sexy high heels. She wants to please your every need as she speaks so soft and sweet to you. She begs for your cum as she strokes your cock in between her feet and then licks you off. She tells you how badly she wishes you could be there with her as she does a slow strip tease down to only her panties and stockings. She slides her hand down her panties and caresses her tight little pussy while grinding her ass into her bed. Tight panty tugs and spread open legs lead into thrusting pussy movements as she encourages you to stroke it for her. The panties finally come off and in only her stockings she bends her wet pussy over in front of your face and offers it all to you.

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