Up To And Including Her Limits Volume 2

Released at: September 22, 2022 by Deeper

Women find new ends to their limits in these four erotic tales from Deeper.com:

An agoraphobic (played by Lulu Chu) seeks interaction in the unlikely company of a prostitute (AVN Performer of the Year Gianna Dior) she keeps passing on the street in Exposure.

Nicole Doshi wears a ring for her master. When he presents a second ring to her, she follows his orders with both obedience and trepidation in Second Ring.

Jill Kassidy plays the inexperienced daughter of a powerful man--one who aches to prove herself in an act of rebellion in Doors.

Chloe Cherry's escalating role-play scenarios with her boyfriend eventually lead out of fantasy and into real life when she poses as a prostitute and brings home a john.

All find new limits, and then some.

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