Uncle Daddy

Released at: January 8, 2018 by Desperate Pleasures
Dearest Ashley, as you know things got pretty confusing with the family over the holidays. I stayed at my brothers a few months and then I headed out of town. While I was gone I realized I missed my period so I took a pregnancy test. Sure enough it was positive so I headed him. I got in to my brother's pretty late so I slept on the pull out couch. The next morning my brother slid in to bed and woke me up. When he saw my swollen belly he was shocked and turned on all at the same time. We both lost control and pleasured each other. My brother pounded my pregnant pussy better than ever and he came all over my belly. P.S. Yesterday I went into the kitchen for breakfast and nothing really sounded good. At least until I got a glimpse of my uncle's morning wood. For some reason this pregnancy has been giving me some pretty intense cravings and my uncle's cock became the focus of my latest one. Uncle Jack was very accommodating and soon his hard cock was in my mouth. I sucked and slurped on his cock like a lollipop until Uncle Jack couldn't take anymore and exploded on my face and belly. That was very satisfying but I still wanted more.

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