Ultimate Surrender - Featuring Ariel X and Vendetta

Released at: July 28, 2013 by Kink Clips
Ultimate Surrender continues to bring the best of both worlds: High-end athleticism and competition and of course, erotic, high-quality sexual content, all for your viewing pleasure! Re-match of the decade. Last year Ariel X beat Vendetta to deny her back to back championships, and was crowned the Season 6 Summer Vengeance Champion. Vendetta picked her name carefully for a reason. Ariel X is last year's Tournament Champion. She has only lost one match since 2006, and last year she took revenge on the girl that gave her that loss, beating her easily. Ariel X is the smallest of the top 4 wrestlers and proves that training, skill and endurance can compete with the welterweights. Ariel X is looking to be the first person to ever win 2 Championships titles! Vendetta looks her best in years. She has trimmed down and is as fit as she has ever been. With a lifetime record of (21-3) vendetta is no stranger to the pressure match up. She does not suffer losing well, and is determined to make Ariel pay for defeating her last year. This was an amazing technical match up. If there are any idiots still left in the world that think this site is scripted, we can't help that people are partially brain-dead, and/or just plain fucking stupid.

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