Ultimate Nylon Vol. 1 - Everybody Loves Sera Lee

Released at: November 18, 2011 by Bob's Videos
Starting a new series is exciting fun and scary doubt. There's a fine line between creating erotica with energy and appeal, instead of self indulgence. These four scenes represent a vision of how sexy nylon can be on gorgeous women. Brandy Benson is calm, efficient and devilishly casual in honey colored rh&t's while reading on her bed. Sara Lee is fresh and ripe in classic coffee bean rh&t's, a sensual delight in sparkling sun on a marble floor. Brittney Ray pouts and relaxes in dark, full fashioned splendor while working at her desk. And Mary Jane shows off perfect nylons in the kitchen... and as you'll see, EVERYTHING is cooking! This tape is true to its name - you won't find a more sensual and elegant nylon tape anywhere! This premier volume contains full nudity and graphic masturbation.

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Scene1: 00:04:08 - 00:41:43 (37:35)

Scene2: 00:41:48 - 01:08:55 (27:07)

Scene3: 01:09:02 - 01:28:20 (19:18)

Scene4: 01:28:28 - 01:56:59 (28:31)