Trampled! Volume 1

Released at: September 6, 2022 by Domestic Femdom

4 classic Trampling scenes featured in this collection:

Trampled In Loubs and Latex: Foxtress has some new latex, in a hot pink. Some new Louboutin shoes. And, well, is having fun taunt someone new to her...She wants to see how eyemblacksheep can handle some trampling in this. She starts by having him lie flat so she can start with some barefoot trampling - she teases by pointing out she's not wearing any underwear...She finds she can put her full weight on him and has a lot of fun jumping and dancing on his back and bouncing on his bum. She puts on the Louboutin heels - he will be the first to be used with these - she has great fun prodding and poking with the sharp heel. Flipping him over, she can go full weight on his front - and of course, starts by going full weight on the cock...He does get quite a surprise when she flashes him - well, who says it has to be serious. She continues to have fun crushing and trampling the cock - before returning to trodding and jumping and bouncing all over his belly! She has so much fun with this - and this is a good clip for fans of trampling, especially when the Dominant is enjoying it so much.

Outdoor Heavy Trampling: Being outdoors, the slave might think he's safe from being taunted - but that couldn't be further from the truth. There's a lot of hustle and bustle in the nearby Pride Parade - but that does keep people in the locality distracted and means no one can hear his grunts and screams as he is mercilessly trampled by Mxtress Valleycat. Mxtress Valleycat is a large person - at almost 6 feet tall they tower right over their sub - and unashamedly weighing in at circa 17 stone - they easily crush with their weight. Not for the faint hearted. Of course, this is also an excuse for a sweaty dirty foot, straight in his face.

New Rock Boot Trampling: Mistress Aleera just can't resist walking all over her slave today. She is stunning in her shiny latex and the slave is left breathless in more ways than one, by both her beauty and the crush under her boots! She is wearing heavy, chunky, New Rock boots with metallic heels - the slave struggles as she tramples all over him and crushes his cock beneath her boot.

Giantess Trampling and CBT: Towering at 6 foot tall, Lady Valeska is a giantess. Today she is going to put her full weight on the houseboy as she tramples him under her huge size 8 feet. Not content with just trodding on him - she takes great delight giving some swift kicks to his helpless cock, a spreader bar keeping it openly accessible for her play and pleasure. And if it wasn't mixed enough - she kneels down, pinning him to the floor, before tickling his sides - adding to the mixture of sensations as she trods him underfoot.

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