Trained Teens 2

Released at: December 11, 2002 by Jules Jordan Video
Jade is a regular tease from the get-go, vamping for the camera, flashing her curvy body and nipple rings, and playing with an acrylic dildo. Indeed, Jade seems to be doing just fine all by herself until Mr. Marcus comes a-knockin'. He's a hunky, horny black man - all he has to do is stand there as Jade's hands slip inside his Calvins and around his massive sausage. The leggy Asian girl holds her own as the big black cock mounts her from behind, and the soundtrack is reduced to gasps, moans and heavy breathing. All this, plus five more scenes of teen debauchery can be seen in this movie.

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Scene1: 00:02:07 - 00:26:02 (23:55)

Scene2: 00:26:04 - 00:49:34 (23:30)

Scene3: 00:49:36 - 01:09:46 (20:10)

Scene4: 01:09:49 - 01:35:40 (25:51)

Scene5: 01:35:43 - 02:00:29 (24:46)

Scene6: 02:00:31 - 02:19:45 (19:14)