Too Hard To Relax

Released at: April 26, 2022 by Fantasy Massage
Whitney Wright, a masseuse, returns to work on the first day after a long leave. As she settles in, she is greeted by fellow massage therapist, Spencer Bradley, who has looked after Whitney's regular clients during her absence ... including Codey Steele. He's due to be in on that day, so they decide that they'll let Codey himself decide who should be his regular masseuse from now on. Khloe Kapri, a young masseuse-in-training, is learning how to do NURU massages from Ryan Keely. They have a client, Derrick Pierce, who Khloe will practice on under Ryan's supervision. But the longer this goes on, Derrick looks even MORE tense and restless than when he arrived. Ryan decides that she'll just have to join them in order to make sure Derrick really IS relaxed once and for all. Gianna Gem enters a massage parlor for a job interview, greeting Mick Blue, the manager of the parlor. A moment later, Gianna's step-sister Eliza Ibarra walks in and both girls immediately greet each other with confusion. Mick thanks them both for showing up, but is frank and lets them know that he can only hire ONE masseuse. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition!

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