Tokyo Teen Idol Volume 25

Released at: April 24, 2006 by Oriental Dream Pictures
I hope 18 years old are more like this here. The girls here would dress up in shiatsu outfit and give men massages and let the men fuck them afterwards. And it's not like they are ugly either. These two teens, Naomi Hirose and Manami Katase are really rare to find cute girls who loves to have fun. Just check them out, you'll see what I'm talking about. From the beginning of the movie, short haired, Manami Katase is shown massaging this one lucky bastard. She first gets on his back as if she's riding a horse and slowly she massages his back. He then turns over, lets his hard cock stand and they begin to work up a sweat by fucking in various positions. Then there's Naomi Hirose, who's more of an innocent looking girl with beauty of class. She has big alien eyes, and long hair down to her shoulders, very obedient 18 year old Japanese girl. She too gives the guy a massage, and they fuck in several nice positions like missionary, doggy, rev cowgirl, cowgirl, etc and it ends with a blast of cum on her. And then there are two more scenes featuring these two cuties, you can't resist!

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Scene1: 00:01:46 - 00:31:27 (29:41)

Scene2: 00:31:27 - 00:59:47 (28:20)

Scene3: 00:59:47 - 01:31:28 (31:41)

Scene4: 01:31:28 - 01:55:33 (24:05)