Together At Last

Released at: September 15, 2022 by Girlsway
Aiden Ashley receives a text from her girlfriend. Apparently she isn't sure if she wants to see Aiden anymore. When she arrives home, Aiden reads the text to her roommate, Kenzie Anne and it's revealed that Aiden is so busy at her new job that she's neglecting her relationship. Kenzie consoles Aiden and gets closer. Eventually, they get so close that they share a deep kiss. What better way to learn about affection and sensuality than with someone you trust? Mocha Menage arrives at Ella Reese's house with a suitcase, and they excitedly and lovingly embrace as they greet each other. It's revealed that they've been in a long-term online relationship and that this is the first time they're seeing each other in person! It's been a couple of years but it's finally happening and there's so much for them to experience together as girlfriends Hazel Grace and Madi Laine are getting married the following day but Madi is superstitious and doesn't want them to see each other the night before the wedding since it's bad luck. Hazel is restless in bed and decides to peek into Madi's room. Hazel sneaks in and carefully removes the blanket, revealing Madi in a sexy nightgown. She accidentally stirs Madi awake. However, now that Madi has seen her, they may as well keep going!

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