Tickle Mania

Released at: September 25, 2011 by TicklingParadise
5 of your favorites get tickled crazy! Upper Body!! Stockes!! Ropes!! Licking!! Tickle toys!! Hollywood in the stocks, then Rose has to be taught a ticklish lesson! Mishel tied with her arms overhead for a wicked upper body attack! Then Renee tickled with all kinds of toys! Bambi tickled in public at the beach! Something for everyone in this crazy tickling extravaganza! Hollywood Tricked by Rose Hollywood and Rose are spending "girl time- together. Hollywood is paying too much attention to her cell phone. Rose has a new prop for her school play and manages to trick Hollywood into a lovely pair of stocks!! Hollywood finds herself on her back with her bare feet up in the stocks at the mercy of Rose, who is a merciless tickler. Rose also puts Hollywood's wrists in cuffs and chains them up on the wall. Now she's ready!! She applies baby oil to Hollywood's very sensitive soles and even this tickles her! Rose finds this so much fun that she decides to turn this "massage- into a full on tickle tease session as Hollywood protests "that's not a massage!!- She wants out but that's when Rose whips out the electric toothbrushes and drives her poor friend crazy! As if that's not enough, merciless Rose now has to see if Hollywood is just as ticklish in her armpits.....and oh my God, is she ever!!! Hollywood's Revenge on Rose Hollywood is finally let out of the stocks and doesn't want to be friends with Rose anymore after that unbelievable tickle tease session she just had to go through. Rose tries to talk her into staying and promises to let Hollywood choose the next game. Rose agrees and soon finds she's a loser at "truth or dare- and finds herself in the same stocks she put her friend in. She too has her arms chained over her head and now it's Hollywood's turn to have her revenge! Rose has amazingly sensitive soles and Hollywood takes full advantage of the situation. She uses the electric toothbrushes and goes in between Rose's toes and all over her exposed bare feet. Then she scrapes Rose's soles with a fork (nice close-ups!!) Watch as Hollywood takes the electric toothbrushes and uses them on Rose's armpits until Rose can hardly breathe!! Rose doesn't like being on the receiving end of this tickle tease, but vengeful Hollywood has no intention of stopping... Mishel in Ropes Ok all you armpit lovers.....listen up!! Watch Mishel, our sweet little Asian model who has supremely ticklish armpits and is pushed to her limits in this scene. She is challenged to hold on to a rope over her head no matter what happens. Then a feather is stroked over her bare armpits. She makes a valiant effort not to respond, as the agony is showing on her face. How long can a girl this ticklish hold out?? First feathers, then a paintbrush, then fingers. You will love the suspense and build up as her teaser keeps raising the bar until she collapses on the floor, only to be helped up to endure the electric toothbrush and wild fingers in her ribs.........poor Mishel...lucky you!!! Renee's Ticklish Licking Amalee wants to play a game with Renee to see what tickle toy is most ticklish for her. She starts with a feather, then moves on to pipe cleaners, nail brush, nail file and other pedicure "utensils-. If you have ever seen Renee, you KNOW how sensitive her bare soles are and Amalee takes full advantage of this! Then as a big bonus surprise, Amalee calls in a "helper- with an amazing tongue to give Renee an unforgettable tongue licking that you (and Renee) will never forget. This clip gives a whole new meaning to "man's best friend-...........guaranteed to please all you tickle licking lovers!! Bambi at the Beach Pretty mature Bambi is trying to sun herself at the beach when an unsuspecting intruder ties her toes together and works over her bare soles with a feather and fingers working over her arches and every toe! Being tickled is agony for Bambi, and her face reflects the tease she has to undergo. This is a short scene....but oh so sweet!!

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