The White Man And The Black Cunt

Released at: February 26, 2014 by Sinister TV
**The Royal Bitch** The big white dick, man-house-keeper is owned by his older dark skinned woman who knows how to keep order. She dresses him up in frilly feathers and then begins sucking down his girth until she needs her pleasure hole plugged up. All he wanted was some water but he gets way more than that! **Lube Job** Charley is flipped out at by his boss in the garage. A beautiful black goddess comes in and calms everyone down with a double cream-pie! **Alaskan Pipe Layin'** In the forgotten state, the only thing to stay warm is fuck! These three white guys complain about whatever they're complaining about and then the miracle of a cocoa queen with a body carved to perfection comes to make all three of them cum. How many dicks can one girl handle?! You'll find out soon enough. **Check Mate** This white guy is so angry! The only thing to calm him down is shoving his cock up inside some noir pussy. She's a pretty girl; it makes a lot of sense somehow. **Hot Shit** He's at it again - yelling about something! This time he's trying to buy/trade/sell and his business transaction is going down-hill. What else is there to do but trade his bomb-shell of a woman to make things easier? Well, for starters, fucking her at the SAME time might help!

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