The Tickle Channel 2012 Vol. 4

Released at: October 23, 2012 by David Mack Video
Sitting in a chair tied up in a hotel room with panties filling her mouth, Dixie starts to sweat from all the tickling and teasing of her body and sensitive nipples. Panty-gagged Dixie Comet cums hard from the constant teasing of her nipples. She gets tickled hard. Dixie is tickled from her back to her butt. Listen to the sounds that penetrate her panty gag as I tickle her asshole. Cream forms in Dixie's pussy as I tease her with a feather, controlling her orgasms and driving her crazy.

Tickling Armani's hard nipples brings her to orgasm, but she's not very vocal so you have to watch her eyes. She squirms and tightens her thighs to make herself cum.

Sexy pet Violet works the very ticklish cutie Lela all over her curvy body, with special attention to the foot and toe tie during the foot tickling. She begs Violet for a hard spanking. Violet teases the breasts and nipples of this new model. Cutie Lela's nipples are sensitive, and she starts moaning and squirming right away. Violet gives Lela a few nipple tickle orgasms. Lela has a blindfold and is gagged with panties when she gets her pussy and clit tickled. Violet decides to grab a vibrator and make her cum. After Lela cums, Violet continues with more tickling and then grabs the hitachi, placing it under Lela's butt for a riding orgasms.

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