Terms Of Enslavement

Released at: July 24, 2013 by Roman Video
Big breasted, British, blonde hair blue eyed Mistress Savanah Gold asks if you're worthy to WORSHIP HER ASS. In her opening POV scene you drop to your knees to kiss and adore her deep golden flesh, focusing your attention on her beautiful bald pussy and tight asshole. She plunges her fingers into both her holes, telling you how much she wishes it was your cock. Feeling wicked and wanting to spice up their relationship, Savanah asks her paramour, muscled stud TJ Cummings, to play a game. A simple roll of the dice, high roller gets to command the loser to do any degrading thing he or she wants. What TJ doesn't know is that Savanah's using TRICK DICE! They roll he loses she orders him to WORSHIP HER ASS. Down he goes to kneel behind her and kiss her buttocks and lick her anus. She makes him stick his finger deep in her asshole, then stick it in his mouth. She HANDCUFFS him to a chair with his head on the seat, then proceeds to FACESIT and REVERSE FACESIT him in that helpless position until she CUMS. They roll the dice again, and of course TJ loses. This time Savanah wants a PONYRIDE. She produces a BRIDLE and straps him into it. She puts him down on all fours and climbs on his back. She rides him around the living room, smacking him viciously with a RIDING CROP. She cums again on his back. They roll again and this time when she wins, all Savanah asks for is for TJ to make her some HOT CHOCOLATE. Thinking he's gotten off lucky this time, he's only too happy to comply. Happy that is until Savanah pours the boiling hot beverage on his cock! As he SCREAMS in pain, she engulfs his SCALDED COCK with her mouth, sucking and licking the chocolate off his burned member. Finally she admits to her deception. Needing VENGENCE, TJ puts her across his knees for a brutal SPANKING. He cruelly bites her neck and pinches her nipples. She howls in pain and breaks down crying. Game over they make up with some tender LOVEMAKING. Lots of KISSING, and stroking. She RUBS HER FEET ON HIS COCK, he SUCKS HER TOES, then EATS HER PUSSY till she cums again all leading to some WILD FUCKING in multiple positions on the couch. Savanah cums some more, then eagerly falls to her knees to SUCK HIS COCK. He mercilessly FACEFUCKS her and she blissfully takes every inch down her throat. He CUMS ON HER FACE really hard and with a massive explosion of CUM!

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