Teen Colombia #3

Released at: April 2, 2012 by Third World Media
Columbian ski slopes made from fresh culo! Cindy Diaz adorns the cover of this volume. She is totally natural, with no makeup or any plastic surgery at all. Her hair is long, her thighs are thick and her ass is round and soft. She has a pretty smile and shaved Colombian chocha too. We test her Colombian Camel toe with a big black American cock. She gets half of the black monster down her throat before laying back for quiet vaginal pumping. She doesn't talk much but moves her hips well and handles the black baseball bat in and out of her hole, before lending her chest as a cum dumping zone for a massive pile of imported jizz. Carmen Lopez has a thick ass that moves and sways nicely to the music. Her mid section is tight and her hair is pulled back into a pony tail. Her bikini bottom is being sucked up into her snatch as her fat ass stretches the cheap material to its limits. This is her first time on video and she is very nervous and we warm a fat black American cock for her. She gets her ass and gash gobbled before pasting her lips to the large black pipe. She bends over and takes it bareback from behind and then flips over to ride it from on top. She likes her new black American friend a lot and sacrifices her hairless Colombian cunt for a creamy cum batch splattered all over her. Jennifer Perez is all natural and very cute too. Like many Colombian girls, she has very long curly hair and a pretty natural smile too. Unlike other Colombian chicks, this girl has big natural tits that are slightly saggy from multiple child births and a hairless Colombian cocoa box that is stretched beyond her young years. She enjoys the fucking we provide her and shows her appreciation by taking a face-full of cum and licking it all up. Maribel's working in the kitchen and she is dressed to impress. She is very young and very cute and is wearing tight and tiny shorts showing off her butt cheeks and a skimpy top shows off her small, yet ultra perky boobs. She likes her American's black and she starts to shake her hips when she senses a fat black one approaching. She drops to her knees as her nipple tips perk and she begins to fill her mouth with more cock than she has ever seen in her lifetime. Her young pussy is very tight, but her lips do slowly open as the black jaguar demands entry. She lays across the kitchen counter as a new South American pipe line gets drilled between her legs. She does some PTM and then puts her hips into autopilot as they dance and shake and swallow up every last inch of this Negro Americano. She also gets to swallow every last drop of his massive cum dousing.

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