Take My Wife, Please! (And Make Her Into A Lesbian!) Volume 2

Released at: July 1, 2007 by Den Of Iniquity
Welcome to the "By Request" series, a series where you the viewer get to tell us what you'd like to see. In this episode, one of our website fans submitted this script. Diane is one jealous Mistress you don't want to fuck with! After growing bored of Her games with John, She decides to take his wife and push her to be Her lesbian sex slave. John's wife is tied in various compromising positions leaving her vulnerable to Mistress Diane's ways. She is played with a vibrator, then compelled to eat Diane's pussy. Then, her tight little pussy is stretched with an inflatable dildo. She is subjected to extreme play and then finally she is suspended with her breasts soaking in a bowl of ice while Diane straps on a HUGE DILDO and fucks her senseless! All the while video taping the whole event for John's ultimate humiliation!

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