Taboo Teen Fantasies Volume 1

Released at: July 25, 2014 by Miami Brats
**Bribing Step Daddy for a Foot ** I caught my Step Dad smelling my shoes yesterday. It is really disgusting and my Mom is going to catch on. She's going to divorce him, unless I help him out. I've had my eye on this new designer purse and he's going to get it for me. My Mom must not have nice feet, so he can lick my feet if he will buy it for me. I've been walking around all day in my sandals and my feet are nice and sweaty. Wonder what my Mom would do if she walked in and caught us. As I put my feet in his mouth and he licks all the dirt off, I dream about my purse. I've never met anyone so disgusting! He does give a good foot cleaning. I won't tell my Mom as long as I get that designer purse. **Blackmailed into giving footjob to my step-brother** My stepbrother caught me in the shower having sex with our neighbor and he's going to tell our step parents. Unless, I give him a footjob. I still don't trust him completely so he's going to film it. That way I have proof and can show his girlfriend the video if he tells anyone! He thinks I won't be able to cum, just so he can go tell everyone. I know I can make him cum hard! He barely even needs my whole feet, so I use mostly my toes. As he cums all over my feet, I'm thinking I may still show his girlfriend. **Pervy Stepbrother Double Handjob ** Me and my girlfriend had a nice day at the pool until we came home to find my perverted stepbrother there. He has been perving on my friend and me and has to stop. Maybe if we jerk him off, he will go away! Luckily my friend is in a devilish mood and completely makes fun of him while we both jerk him off. We just wanted to have a girl's day but we have to get my stepbrother to stop staring at us. This is a one-time thing. If we have to do this again, my friend will not come over anymore. This is taking forever because all he does is jerk off all day! It's bad enough that he's taking forever to cum, but now he won't stop groping our boobs. **My Hot Stepbrother Double Handjob ** My friend Zoe likes my stepbrother, but I have had the hots for him since our parents got married. So if she wants him, she's going to have to share. We tell Miguel he can't tell anyone. He has to keep this a secret! He's never had a two girls give him a handjob ever before. As Zoe strokes his shaft, I massage his balls. I mean I don't think this is weird, none of us do. My little stepbrother seems pretty into this. He must be hot for both of us. Zoe says how she has had the hots for Miguel since the first day she started hanging out over here. She should have told me earlier! We could have been doing this a long time ago! We have to take turns getting to stroke him, he is my stepbrother. He got hard pretty fast of course. It's every man's dream to have two hot girls at the same time. I want him to cum all over our hands, but he better hurry before our parents get home. I'll let him touch both our boobs so he will cum faster. I'm on the lookout because they will be home any minute. Oh yeah! Nice job! He came so hard. That's what's up!

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