Taboo Tales Volume 99

Released at: April 16, 2014 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Lexi is a devious little minx. While home alone with her stepfather Joe, she sets about manipulating him into buying her a car and letting her use his credit cards. First she uses a combination of mind games and flirtation to soften him up. Then she comes to his room and gives him a hand job. Poor Joe is no match for her tease-and-denial techniques. Desperate for her to make him cum, he promises to give Lexi what she wants. Finally, Lexi fucks him in return for further privileges. Scene 2 - Jessica is rapidly fading away from a mysterious illness. Her stepson Joe goes to a specialist and learns that she might be cured by receiving an infusion of her own DNA. Joe is the only person who can donate it, and the infusion can only be achieved through sex. Stepmother and stepson agreed to go ahead and have the necessary, taboo encounter. Leaving nothing to chance, they make sure to fuck for a long time in many different positions. Both are delighted when Jessica recovers soon after. Scene 3 - Hazel visits her stepfather Joe after he gets out of prison. She's always had a thing for the older man, and is eager to have sex with him now that he's free. Joe tries to resist her seductive advances, but it's all no to avail. There's simply no stopping the horny Hazel. After she's aroused Joe by stroking and sucking his cock, she convinces him to give her the fuck she's long been craving. Scene 4 - Rachel hates her stepfather Jack and is unhappy that he's come to stay with her. The man is crude and insensitive and has a bad habit of putting her down. Rachel and her stepdaughter Lexi try to avoid him as much as possible, but their plans consistently fail. Finally, they scheme to catch Jack in a compromising situation so they can make him to act nicer. With a phone hidden to record the action, Lexi goes to work seducing the older man. Rachel joins in later. Soon Jack is involved in all manner of fucking with the two hot women. But at what cost for him?

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Scene4: 01:19:42 - 01:58:27 (38:45)


Jack Moore