Taboo Tales Volume 87

Released at: February 19, 2014 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Rachel is concerned about her stepson Brad after he got dumped by his girlfriend. The young man had been saving himself for her. Now he is deeply depressed, and very frustrated at having stayed a virgin for nothing. Just before he's due to leave for college, Rachel summons him to her room. She's been watching her stepson closely enough, and she's figured out exactly what's eating him. In a sex-laden taboo encounter, she succeeds in curing the young man of all his troubles. Scene 2 - Rachel and her daughter Eris have lived their lives as if they were a couple of 1950s housewives. The men in her life - Rachel's late husband, then her stepson Kyle - have ruled the house without challenge. But Eris has slowly come to see the light and rebel. When Rachel learns that her husband was a dishonest womanizer and that Kyle is in danger of following suit, she has a reality check and follows her stepdaughter's example. Soon the two women are conniving to empower themselves and gain control over Kyle. Using sex as their weapon, they cast off their old-fashioned ways and become a couple of seductresses. Kyle doesn't stand a chance against their combination of them. Sucked and fucked beyond his wildest dreams, he becomes their grateful slave forever.

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Scene2: 00:34:01 - 01:03:53 (29:52)