Taboo Tales Volume 60

Released at: July 21, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Mother Gives In Rachel moved her son away from his friends. He was failing classes and getting into trouble. The move proved to be a failure though because he became a hermit. Eric stayed home with Rachel all the time. Rachel tried to get him to socialize with the youth groups in town, but he stayed at home in his room. Rachel had invited her friend Brandi to stay for a week. Brandi was one wild offspring; she had a very active sexual lifestyle while Rachel was more reserved. Rachel always admired her friend for that and secretly wished she had not had Eric so young so she could have had a little more fun too. Brandi arrived and Rachel called Eric to come say hello. He slumped on the couch and grunted. Rachel turned red, embarrassed at his behavior. Brandi understood he must be bored out of his mind away from all the action of the city. Eric asked to be excused and went back to his room. He was erect at the sight of his mom's hot blonde friend. Rachel was dressed sexy too just because Brandi was there. Eric needed to jerk off. He could not let his mom know the real reason he did not go out with other girls was because he was secretly jerking off to his mother! Rachel apologized to Brandi for her son's behavior and directed her to the guest room. Brandi opened a door she thought was the guest room and there was Eric jerking off. She quickly apologized and closed the door. Rachel heard the commotion as Brandi came back to the living room to tell her what happened. Rachel was so embarrassed. Now she told Brandi how Eric does not go out with girls, he stays home with her. Brandi asked Rachel if she thought he may be attracted to her. Rachel laughed and blushed. Brandi went to Eric to get it out of him. As she asked him, Rachel stood in the door way listening. Eric admitted he thought his mom was hot. Rachel walked in telling him she heard it all and just wanted him to be happy. She saw his hard on under the covers and slowly pulled then back. Eric was shocked. Rachel and Brandi offered to take care of his problem. They stripped off their tops and began stroking him. Rachel asked him if he wanted her to suck his cock, he did. Brandi sucked him off too as Rachel opened her legs to show him her pussy. Rachel wanted to tease him the first time. This turned Rachel on and set something free inside her, she passionately sucked her son's cock until he began to shake. Brandi and Rachel lay side by side on the bed and encouraged him to cover their faces and fill their mouths with his hot young cum. Eric was relieved; he did not realize this was what he was missing. He asked if they could do it again tomorrow! Scene 2 - Stolen Moments Rachel married a wealthy business tycoon in her early twenties. His fast paced lifestyle impressed her and soon she had his son. Rachel thought they would be together forever. His trips away grew longer; as her son matured he took him away too. Rachel found herself alone. He finally divorced her taking everything including her son. Rachel never heard from him again. She prayed her son would one day find her. Rachel's prayer was soon answered. Her son Eric did not forget his beautiful mother, he found a photo of her and saw the resemblance. He knew the sluts his father dated were nothing like his real mother. Eric contacted Rachel and they agreed to meet. Eric rang the bell; Rachel was dressed up nice to make a good impression. She did not know if he would be angry or fall into her arms. Rachel wanted the second. She opened the door to find a tall version of her. He stepped in looking into her eyes and blushing at how beautiful she was. She did not look like a mom at all, she was sexy! Rachel looked him up and down as he made his way to the couch. Both of them very nervous they began to chat. She explained what happened, that it was not her choice. He explained what an ass his father was and how he already knew. They talked about his schooling and social life. Eric could not keep his eyes off her, he wondered over her figure as she spoke. He did not hear what she was saying any more he only heard silent moans in his mind, her moans as he pictured himself caressing her body and kissing her neck. He wanted to make up for the pain his dad caused her. She never remarried or had any other births. Eric did not think of her as a mother but as a woman in need. He reached over and brushed his hand across her breast. Rachel stopped chattering and gasped. He did it again; she backed away and asked what he was doing. Eric continued to move in on her as she fumbled with herself. Rachel stood up and told him she needed time alone to think. She went to her room thinking that her dress was too revealing, she should change. Eric walked in on her; she grabbed a robe covering her breasts. He told her he just wanted to touch her a little. Rachel had been a needy woman, she was very vulnerable. He began to kiss her neck and gently pull the robe away. Rachel was a nervous wreck; she could not believe her son was doing this. But at the same time she felt alive again, a man half her age interested in her sexually was driving her crazy. She ended up on the bed, Eric on top of her. She moaned just like he imagined. He fondled her and went for her pussy, she was wet, and he fingered her and rubbed her clit causing her to cum on his strong hand. Rachel was shivering, he felt so good! She felt his cock on her leg and had to have a look. Once she saw his erect cock she wrapped her hot lips around it and slowly moved up and down. Eric brushed her hair to the side to watch the beauty on his cock. It was not soon before Eric was ready to explode. Rachel knew and looked him straight in the eyes as he did. She sat up and asked him to move in with her, leaving his father with a letter telling him everything. Eric smiled and agreed of course. Rachel never knew how sweet revenge could be. Scene 3 - Eric, I Give Up! Rachel came home from another crappy date. Her son Eric was in his boxers chilling on the couch. He asked why she was home so early. Rachel slumped down in her recliner and simply replied she was done with trying to meet a decent guy. Eric could not believe his beautiful mom was so down. She told him with embarrassment that she had needs and they were not being met. The guy she went out with was nice but he did not express any interest in her advances. She recommended they get a room for obvious reasons; he kissed her and bed her good night. Rachel had been turned down AGAIN! Rachel stood up and posed for Eric, she showed her figure and asked him if he thought there was something wrong with her. Eric thought his mom was the hottest mom out of all his friends; she had a smoking body, huge tits and a gorgeous face. She did not look like his mother, when they went out together people mistook her for his girlfriend. Rachel still felt like a loser. Eric had to console her. His compliments made her blush. Eric became erect while evaluating her. He reached for her tits and gave a squeeze, telling her how hot they were. Rachel giggled and slapped his hand away scolding him. Eric saw she liked it so he reached over to her thigh and slowly moved up towards her crotch. Rachel again slapped his hand and stood up. Eric told her she was being silly, he had seen her naked before. Rachel did not know that. She asked if she should take her dress off so he could be honest about her body. She felt weird about it but knowing her son had seen her before it was ok. She wore black lace bra, panties, garter, and stockings. She looked AMAZING! Eric s cock was noticeably erect now poking up through his underwear. Rachel saw it and tried to avoid looking. Eric had her turn around and show off her lovely round ass. Rachel blushed. Eric told her to take her bra off. She turned around and cupped her tits. Giggling like a school girl. She let her boobs drop and Eric was wowed! He grabbed them pulling his mother close. Rachel had not been touched in so long and with all his compliments and his erection she was begging to feel very sexy. Her pussy became wet and she felt a warm sensation come over her body. Eric sucked her nipples and buried his face between her warm tits. Rachel threw her head back and moaned. She sat next to him pointing out his erection; he said it was because of her. Eric pushed her back and opened her legs exposing her pussy, he admired her entire body. Rachel felt his finger enter her dripping wet pussy and he went right for her g-spot! Rachel came on his hand. She got on her knees and told him it was his turn, she wanted to lick and suck his cock until he came in her open mouth. Eric and Rachel decided after that, she would never have to be lonely or frustrated again.

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