Taboo Tales Volume 6

Released at: July 25, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - The Family Reunion Rachel moved into a new house and now she was closer to her brother. She arranged for a reunion. Rachel's son Josh, Her sister Julia, and her brother Brian all came. They sat in the living room discussing how wonderful it was to be together. Rachel had not seen her brother in years. She asked him if he wanted to see the house. They went to her bedroom. Rachel described all the amenities as her brother stood behind her admiring her body. When they were growing up they had a sexual relationship. Rachel turned around and he was bulging through his pants. She tried to ignore it. He began touching her breasts. Rachel pulled away. Brian reminded her of what they did as younger siblings and how hot it was. Rachel told him that was the past and her son and their sister were in the other room. Brian gently pushed Rachel on the bed lifting her top. Her tits where huge, nipples erect. Brian pawed at her. She pushed his chest away. He told her he would just play a little and that would be all. Brian stood up and took his clothes off to show her his hard cock. Rachel was shocked at how he grew. She covered her face and told him they should stop. He sat down and put her hand on his cock. Rachel was flooded with emotions. She took her top off and began stroking his cock. Brian whispered how he had missed her. Rachel took her skirt off and began sucking her brother's cock. Julia and Josh wondered what was taking them so long. Josh went to look and he saw them on the bed. Rachel was sucking her brother's cock. Brian was fingering Rachel as she lay back and had a quiet orgasm. Josh, in the door way was stroking his cock. Josh and his mother had a sexual relationship with Julia as well. He did not know about Rachel and her brother. Brian did not know about the 3 of them. Julia came to the doorway and saw the hot scene. She and Josh began to kiss and touch each other quietly watching. Julia got on her knees and slowly sucked her nephew Josh's cock. Rachel and Brian had no idea what was about to happen. Scene 2 Brian, Rachel's brother had missed her and the sex they once shared. They had the family together. Rachel and Brian gave in to their passion. Rachel finally could not hold out and she put her ass up for him to fuck her. He slid into her slow. Rachel felt his cock so hard and so good. She knew to be quiet as her sister and son where in the next room. Rachel stuffed her panties in her mouth to keep quiet as her brother slid his cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy. They did not know Julia and Josh were in the doorway now having sex too. Rachel came hard. She sat up and her brother was still erect. She sucked him off until he exploded in her mouth. The cum dripped out from her lips and on to her tits. Just then Brian told Rachel to look over at Julia and Josh. Rachel was a bit embarrassed at first but knew they all had the desire for this. Rachel watched her son and her sister go at it as he came in her mouth. Julia had cum dripping off her chin. Rachel and Brian where cuddled together as Brian fingered his sister. Everyone was now looking at each other like they wanted more. Scene 3 Rachel invited her sister and her son to the bed. Rachel sucked her son's cock then laid back. Julia and Rachel sucked Brian's cock together as Josh was on top of his mother sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. Rachel mounted her son and rode him hard. Julia mounted her brother for the first time. They all fucked and talked nasty. They flipped around into different positions until Julia and Rachel came. Rachel and Julia switched with Josh and Brian. Brian buried his face in his sister Julia's pussy and fingered and licked her until she squirted. Rachel had to get some of that. While Julia got fucked by her nephew Brian gave his other sister the same treatment. Josh fucked his aunt hard while Rachel jerked and suck sucked off her brother. Brian could not hold back any longer and shot his load into Rachel's open mouth. They watched as Josh made his aunt cum. One hot family! This was a great family reunion.

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