Taboo Tales Volume 51

Released at: July 11, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Rachel Fucking Her Son Rachel had raised her kids all by herself. It was a hard road but she managed to get the best for them both. During summer vacation Rachel worked two jobs; she had been paying for her son's college and her daughter's tuition to a private girl's school. Kaire, her 18 year old and Matt, her 22 year old had been giving Rachel a hard time and been misbehaving. Rachel felt as long as they lived with her they must conform to her ways. Kaire came home from a weekend sleep over with blue and purple streaks in her hair. Rachel was mortified as Kaire was supposed to start private school in a week. They argued about it and Kaire took off swearing at Rachel. Rachel's son sat there laughing at Rachel. She could not believe they were turning against her. The next day Rachel returned home from work to find a masked gun man on the couch with both her kids. Kaire's shirt was open and the man was fondling her breasts. Rachel stopped dead in her tracks. The man ordered Rachel to sit with Kaire and Matt. Both of them looked terrified at their mom. Matt told her to do whatever the man said because he was serious. The man made Rachel suck her son's cock. Rachel was horrified. As she did he ordered he told her daughter to undress and told Rachel to lick her pussy. He made Kaire to suck her brother off then Rachel was to fuck her son. The man enjoyed watching as the family was made to have sex. When her son was ready to cum he had to shoot it all over his mom's face. Rachel spit the cum out of her mouth and told the man to go. He laughed, handing Kaire the gun, Kaire pointed it at Rachel and her son began to laugh. Rachel told them to run while they could but Kaire told her the masked man was her boyfriend. She had planned this all out to get back at her mom for controlling her life. Rachel sat there with a face full of her son's cum in shock. Kaire and Matt told Rachel she would never order them around again. And they made Rachel to sign over their trust funds so they could leave her for good. Scene 2 - Brother Sister - What Have You Done! Rachel had been putting her daughter Kaire through law school. Her son was living at home and attending college. Rachel was so proud. Kaire came home for a visit after almost a year. Matt was shocked when she walked in with purple streaks in her hair and a tattoo. Kaire told him she had changed a bit; she was stripping now and making a lot of cash money. She told him she was making more than she could if she got her degree. Matt knew Rachel was going to have a fit. Kaire unbuttoned her tan suit to reveal more to her brother. Her tits where huge and firm, she also had a few more tattoos. She wore a slutty pink dress and platform heels. Matt did not understand how she could be making as much as a stripper. Kaire confessed she was also doing escort work. He still did not believe the money deal. Kaire smiled and reached over to rub his cock and show him what the men were paying for. He was shocked at the wild side of his sister but aroused at the same time. She was a pro now so she pulled his cock out and sucked it. Matt loved how well her mouth felt and how she looked. She stripped naked and bent over doggy style looking over her shoulder at her brother's hard on. He mounted his sister and the fucked like rabbits. Kaire finished him off by sucking his cock and tit fucking him milking him in between her tits. Matt came hard. Kaire knew her mom would be home soon so she jumped up and whispered, do not tell mom. With a smile Matt agreed. Scene 3 - Stacie Uncovered Stacie is a Super heroine. She is administered a dose of his powerful sperm via one of his big dicked henchmen. His mistress is there to capture it all on film. The sperm makes Stacie uncontrollably horny. She begs to be serviced by any man she can find; she starts playing with herself. Where is Andrew?" She is moaning with pleasure. Mistress explains that Andrew is watching her through the camera, but he is going to test her, to make sure she is worthy. He is going to pleasure himself while watching you get fucked. She agrees happily. Mistress tells one of the henchmen to release her. Once the henchman is near her, Stacie starts jerking him off. Once she is released, she asks the other henchman to come near, and she starts jerking him off. She alternates jerking and blowing them. Stacie walks over to the table, and lies down on it, facing up, with her head hanging over the table. One of the henchmen follows her and starts fucking her. After a minute, the other henchman comes over and starts to face fuck her. The Mistress looks on. Stacie tells one of the henchmen to lie down. He lies down on the floor, facing up. Stacie gets on top of him and starts to ride him, facing the camera. Mistress asks her if she needs more cock, and Stacie agrees. The other henchman comes over to her and Stacie starts blowing him. Stacie switches positions. She gets on all fours, and tells one of the henchmen to get behind her. One of them starts fucking her doggy style and the other is in front of her and she starts blowing him. The Mistress tells Stacie that it is time for the henchmen to cum. Stacie gets on her knees, and the henchmen form a line in front of her. One by one, she helps them finish off on her face, while the Mistress watches.

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