Taboo Tales Volume 3

Released at: August 3, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Arianna Sucks Chris by Mistake Rachel is resting down the hall. Chris, coming back from a night out, hears the phone ringing and answers it. The man on phone asks him to relay message to Arianna; that something has come up at work and he would not be able to come over. As Chris heads to her room to tell her, he hears something coming from her room. Chris cracks her door open and peeks through to see the hot MILF blindfolded on the bed on her knees and elbows with her hands holding the headboard low. She hears the door open and starts talking to Chris, thinking he is her boyfriend who was supposed to be coming over. She tells him how horny and turned on she feels. She says she wants to try something that she has never tried before - she wants to be treated like a whore. She says it is turning her on just thinking about doing perverse things. She wants to try sucking his cock even though she never has before. She continues talking dirty to Chris thinking it is her boyfriend. She wants to taste his cock and have him rub it all over her face slowly. Chris removes her mask after fondling her. Arianna is pissed at first. Chris tells her the boyfriend canceled. Arianna is all worked up so she decides to really be a whore and do it with this young stud. They talk nasty and he treats her like a dirty whore. She loves it. Chris plays with her pussy and she sucks his sweet young cock. Chris does all kinds of nasty thing to Arianna, most of which she has never done before - lightly spanking her, making her taste her juice off of his cock, sucking his balls, rubbing his cock all over her face, very lightly tapping her mouth and face with his cock, holding her by the hair and making her deepthroat. With his cock deep down her throat, Chris continues to do nasty things to Arianna while she talks dirty to him still saying how good it all feels. At some point, Rachel has heard noises coming from the room. She is shocked when she sees Arianna getting pounded by Chris. She continues to watch, beginning to get turned on. Rachel touches herself, then barges into the room but doesn't say anything. She stares at them half aroused, half shocked walking ever closer to them. She is hesitant when Chris tries to embrace her and kiss her while he continues to give it to Arianna. Her now naughty friend encourages her to suck cock, something Rachel has never done before either. He repeats all the nasty things he did to Arianna with his new lover Rachel. Scene 2 - Chris Takes on Two MILFs Rachel has joined in the sex with Chris and Arianna. Chris has to make them both feel as nasty and dirty as he can. Arianna sits on his face, demanding he eat her till she cums. Rachel opens up for him to slide his fingers in her wet pussy. They work him to frenzy, bringing him to the edge of cumming but then stopping. They want to savor it. Rachel and Arianna lay back and show him their affections towards each other. Rachel and Arianna french kiss and play with each other in front of him. He jerks off watching them. Rachel is ready for some gooey cum. She takes his cock deep in her mouth, and he explodes. Rachel swallowed all of it, something she had never done before. Scene 3 - Blowjob for Drew Rachel walked in on Drew jerking off. He was not getting anywhere, so she felt bad for him. He asked her if she would show him. Rachel oiled his cock up and lay next to him. He grew hard fast. She took her top off to excite him more. He sucked on her big tits. Rachel gave into her lust for this hot young stud. He was leaving for collage and would be away for years. Rachel wanted him to never forget her. She sucked him and told him young girls would not do it as good. They gently kissed each other and patiently pleased until orgasm. Rachel took her Drew's cock all the way in her mouth, and he fingered her pussy. He told her he was going to cum, so she stopped. Rachel wanted more time with him. She kissed him and then she told him it was time to cum. He asked if he could cum on her tits. Rachel lay down and jerked him on her tits. Now he was ready to go away with a smile on his face. Scene 4 - Cum Sharing MILFs Rachel caught Stacie's young boyfriend coming out of the shower. Rachel is one horny MILF. She and Dillon started getting it on in the bathroom. Rachel sucked his cock. Stacie came home to find them. At first she was mad, but Dillon convinced her to join in. The three of them hit the bed and started an orgy - two hot MILFs and a 20 year old stud. Both women licked and sucked him off together. They also kissed to tease him. Stacie knew when he was ready to cum and she sucked it all in her mouth. Rachel wanted some, so Stacie kissed her, letting Rachel lick it out of her mouth.

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