Taboo Tales Volume 101

Released at: October 25, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Dallas wishes to initiate her stepson Joe into the world of sex and loving. But it won't be any easy lesson for him. By the time it's all over, he'll know the wonder of fucking his stepmom's pussy and having her suck him off. He'll also know the ache of blue balls, edging, and tease and denial.

Scene 2 - Psychiatrist Rachel Steele is having a session with a young man. The court has referred him to her after he was arrested for indecent exposure. She crosses and uncrosses her legs sexily while asking him questions and making notes. She then begins her unusual treatment by having him strip naked and play with his cock. The young man does whatever she tells him, until, with her permission, he blows his load.

Scene 3 - Rachel's stepson Jeremy has gone from being the college's star quarterback to a depressed shut-in. The cause is a break up with his girlfriend. Rachel reads the signs, and decides to help the young man. While she's stripping out of her lingerie and into something more risqué, she notices him spying on her. She then confronts him in his room and shows him that his girlfriend is nothing compared to a real woman like herself. Jeremy agrees. He starts stroking his cock as his stepmother poses sexily and talks provocatively for his benefit.

Scene 4 - Sweet Iza loves to turn on shy guys and guide them as they jerk their cocks for her. After sexily stripping out of her clothes, she hornily masturbates. All the while she encourages her watcher to enjoy the show and stroke himself off.

Scene 5 - Rachel invites you to join her as she practices her yoga. She starts out dressed, and assumes a series of sexy, flexible, suggestive poses. Next she strips down to her panties and gets out her lovely big breasts. The scene climaxes with Rachel sucking and titty-fucking a dildo, then using a vibrator on her pussy.

Scene 6 - Rachel has always been a good wife to her husband. But tonight she's attending a friend's party by herself. You see her and start up a conversation. At first Rachel is a little shy. A few drinks later, she's become much more open and flirtatious. When the majority of guests have gone, you convince her to spend some time alone you with in the pool room. One thing leads to another and you end up seducing Rachel and fucking her brains out on the table. You even cum in her pussy. There's a good chance she'll be pregnant. How on earth will she explain that to her trusting hubby?

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