Taboo Confessions: Sharing Family with Friends

Released at: April 20, 2018 by XXX Multimedia
(1) Payton has found a pair of her panties in her sons' bathroom. She confronts them, but neither admit to cumming on them. Determined to figure out who did it, she strips down to see which son reacts. Still uncertain, she has the boys get naked, and then begins sucking their cocks. Since both sons get hard, she tries to figure out which son is enjoying her most by fucking them both. (2) Sally is enjoying a relaxing night with her friend Payton. While drinking some wine, Sally's son arrives with two of his friends. Feeling a little bored and horny, Sally begins hitting on her son's friends. She reveals that she's been having a secret relationship with her son, and the boys are intrigued. They get turned on by the taboo idea, and soon, the three boys are fucking Sally and her friend. (3) Payton's son, Aiden, is lazy and disobedient. When she arrives home with her colleague, Payton is upset to see him sitting around instead of working. Instead of arguing with him, she decides it's time for his usual, unorthodox punishment of eating her out. Payton's colleague is dumbfounded, but somewhat turned on by the idea. Unable to control herself, she joins in, and Aiden has to fuck and lick both his mom and her colleague. (4) Fifi feels that her obsession with her brother has gotten out of hand. Eager to ignore those feelings, she attempts to go out on a date, but gets stood up. Her brother comforts her, and she admits her feelings for him. Once she finds out he shares those feelings, she makes a move that leads to a romantic and sexual relationship with her brother.

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