Sybil's Ordeal

Released at: September 4, 2014 by Shadowplayers
Sybil suffers for your pleasure. On the rim of Grand Canyon, in different locations, Sybil is roped, gagged, whipped, caned, and clamped. Indoors, she dresses up in pink and polka dots, and then puts on a cruel set of foot binders which cramp her feet into ballet points, and then she is bound on her knees, tested with a nose hook, weighted clamps on her nipples, and a good caning. Later, in wooden stocks, she sports a huge ring in her nose and a steel butt plug up her ass. More fun awaits her while bound straddling the edge of a square wooden post. A nose hook, an inflatable gag, tit whipping, multiple clothespins on her breasts, and a pussy whipping ALMOST make her forget the pain in her crotch.

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