Swallow This #10

Released at: November 1, 2007 by Peter North
What's better than a perfect ten? A nine that swallows! Check out SWALLOW THIS #10 and watch as we have our latest batch of sperm receptacles guzzle as much jizz as they can! It's good to the last drop for these whores as they stop at nothing to get the goo. They will jerk, yank, suck, and deep throat huge cocks just to get their daily protein shake! See these guys give them their dose of hard man meat as they fill these sluts' mouths with their sausages! These studs get sucked so hard, you would swear their head was going to cave in! Open up and say ahh! Peter and his crew bring you a whole new group of sluts ready to take the biggest loads down their throats. These guys shoot massive loads of jizz, and these girls slurp down every last bit of it. Watch as these girls gulp down tasty cum cocktails, and don't miss a drop!

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