Surrender To My Ass

Released at: July 24, 2013 by Roman Video
Olivia O'Lovely! The lovely and dominant brunette smiles happily and strokes her heavy flesh as you approach on your knees. In her up-close POV she reveals an ass she describes as being made to worship and adore. And adore you will as you burrow between her meaty, jiggling buttocks deep into her moist heat. Off she goes to the powder room to apply her make-up -- and get in a little HUMAN CHAIR FACESITTING before her night on the town. Slave Freddy's head lies back on her chair, his face hidden from view by her thick posterior. She bounces viciously on his mug until she has her first ORGASM of the evening. Mistress Ashley Fires has brought her luscious ass to Roman Video before, but never has she been more beautiful and more dementedly cruel to fragile male egos and flesh. She shows you her nakedness in a hot POV, telling you exactly where she likes to be licked and kissed. "This ass is special," she says. Are you special enough to deserve it? In the bedroom, she's talking to a girlfriend on the phone while Slave Freddy, shackled to the bed, silently SUFFOCATES under her pussy. She hangs up and allows him to breathe. But don't get the idea that she's going to take it easy on him.

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Scene1: 00:00:35 - 00:32:29 (31:54)

Scene2: 00:32:33 - 01:01:10 (28:37)