Straight-A Student

Released at: December 15, 2021 by Mack Kensington Studios

This Alice Coxxx handjob is a scene straight off of your high school fantasies! Why should Alice hit the books alone at home when she can have a lusty cram session with Mr. Masterson in his car on the way home? Catch him confessing to passing her not because of what she does in the classroom, but what she does in traffic! He says it's always the quiet ones, and isn't that the truth?

Alice is so surprised to find out that they're joined by one of Mr. Masterson's other film students, and of course the cameras keep on rolling even as they confess to their 'extra credit' activities and he raves about her 'special talents!' He puts her hand on his cock to emphasize his point, and soon enough Alice is jerking him off as they battle traffic to blaze on home. She just can't keep her hands off of him!

Handjobs in public are best on the road if you ask us, and you get a really nice view of this one through the driver's side window! Alice isn't shy at all, lifting up her top and showing off her youthful titties, rotating her sexy fingers around her instructor's cock while he pulls off her shorts to expose her fine ass to the world! Those sexy little crescent moon tattoos are just the icing on the cake. It's no wonder how Alice remains at the top of the class and now you know exactly how she'll stay there!

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