Stepmom Taboo Sex With Melanie Hicks - 4 Part Series

Released at: April 30, 2022 by Horny Household Clips
Part 1: Busty MILF Melanie Hicks is on the phone with another mother, Jennifer, from the neighborhood. They are having a conversation about an upcoming award called Step-Mom Of The Year". Melanie finds out via this conversation that Louise is the front runner to win this award, because apparently Louise bought her step-son a brand new car for his graduation. Melanie becomes irritated at that news, and tells Jennifer that she can out do Louise. She then calls in her step-son Conor. Melanie engages him in some small talk conversation, then proposes that she fuck him in order to win the award. Conor excitedly agrees, and the step-mother and step-son passionately fuck as Melanie records the whole thing so she can brag to Louise. She is definitely going to win Step-Mom Of The Year! Part 2: Busty brunette MILF Melanie Hicks is sitting on the sofa, reading over a script for a scene she is doing tomorrow. Her step-son Conor walks in, and she asks him how he feels about his new step-mom being a pornstar. He explains how it was weird at first, but he is cool with it now. Melanie then explains how she could use some help practicing the scene, seeing as she hasnt done much facesitting before. The family duo start with that, and then move into practicing all the other positions, including a creampie! Good luck with your scene, Step-Mom! Part 3: Sexy MILF Melanie Hicks is laying naked in bed as shes talking on the phone with her husband. She is furious that he has to work late, especially since she took her special horny pills. Hormones raging, Melanie calls her step-son Conor into the room, and explains the situation. He is hesitant at first, but horny step-mom strokes his crotch and tells Conor she needs him now! Melanie begins suck to her step-sons cock, and then the two fuck like crazed sex starved animals. Part 4: Sexy MILF Melanie Hicks walks into the bathroom, takes off her towel, and walks into the shower. She just starts soaping her big boobs when her step-son Conor knocks at the door, asking how long she is going to be. Melanie tells him to come in so they can shower together since the water bill has been so high lately. Conor is hesitant at first, but then takes off his clothes to join his step-mom in the shower. Its not long before cleaning each others private parts leads to some steamy family shower sex!

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