State Park Sluts

Released at: June 15, 2021 by Mack Kensington Studios

This Miatsu handjob scene also features the lovely and talented Laura Coryander for double the fun and double the bliss! These babes are making out with each other in the park, ignoring the No Trespassing signs and indulging in a little girl-on-girl action where they think no one will ever see them. They're playing with each other's boobs and kissing really passionately when a new friend stumbles onto their path and--record scratch--he decides to get in on the fun!

No questions asked, these babes turn toward him and start pulling out their titties like they're four perfect birthday gifts for him! What a lucky motherfucker! They're salivating at the sight of his big cock through his jeans, and they're unzipping them and pulling it out to see if they can make it even harder, and they do! Getting nasty next to this beautiful waterfall is an experience unlike any other. And two gorgeous babes instead of one? Come on! So hot.

He's rubbing his dick on their tits and just enjoying the view of these two fine tattooed babes stroking his cock. They look so good down on their knees pleasuring this man, giving their all in a truly wild public handjob out in nature. Hearing them command him where to shoot his load is irresistibly hot, and she's so ready to rub that cum into her pretty titties. She rubs his dick all over her face like she just loves it so fucking much. Then the girls kiss and swap that cum like the naughty sluts they are!

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