Spunkmouth Volume 2

Released at: August 7, 2006 by Bachelor Pad Productions
Savannah - Age:19 It's funny - the things people do for money, especially in this business. Take Savannah, for example: in her initial interview, she told us she was up for some pretty funky shit. We asked about bukkake (she said not THAT funky), double penetration (she's not a 3 input gal), and a 6 - 10 man gangbang...which, she was up for. We just couldn't get all the guys together. So, we offered up a suggestion: fuck a TOTAL stranger AND make sure the stranger doesn't know about it in advance. She was ready to do it, too; the problem, of course, is where to find such a guy. That's when one of the Spunkmouth crew offered up - "get a pizza delivered. One of those losers will do it for the right amount of cash." We all agreed. This wasn't as easy as it sounds, but, as the old saying goes, the third time's the charm. And like I said from the get-go...it's funny to see what people will do for money. Nadia Rae - Age:26 Nadia Rae's first time in front of the camera turned out great. And her last. She was nervous at first, and we had to talk to her a bit about exactly what was going to happen before she let the cameras roll. We decided to bring in Big Dick Nikel to help her through the shoot, and it paid off. She loved Dick's giant cock, as well as his pussy-eating. I love the cum shot. She wasn't too excited about catching a load in the kisser, but she knew going into the shoot the Spunkmouth crew demanded nothing less. Dick drops the first load on her forehead, and she's thinking it's ok to open her mouth a bit. That's when Dick aims for that open pie-hole and scores a direct hit. Priceless! Spring Thomas - Age:18 You're reading this right. Spring Thomas. And without a black guy. Why? Cause we shot her before she was Spring Thomas. In fact, this is Spring's very first sex scene. No lie. Just watch it. While mounting her male talent, she admits to never "being on top". Watch as her eyes roll into the back of her head from all the excitement of being captured on film for the first time. And just watch the cum shot. That's not acting, my friend. That's a teen girl who's never been sprayed in the face with baby batter. Spring's gone on to become one of the internet's biggest - but before all that went down, we shot her. First. Tina - Age:19 Take one blonde teenage stripper tramp, add a slow night at the local strip club, stir in an overdrawn checking account, and you've got today's Spunkmouth update- TINA! Tina was quite receptive when it came to getting her balance out of the red: She had no problems with gargling a stranger's balls, getting ramrodded from behind, and ragdolled like a silly dancer. I don't know much more to say other than her bleach-blonde face made an excellent semen depository. Brandi Lyons - Age:21 We've been getting some e-mail lately requesting anal. Just like you guys, we love anal, but you probably know not a lot of girls do. So we set out for an anal adventure this week to make you happy. That's where Brandi comes in; we asked, in her interview, if there would be a problem with butt hole banging. She laughed and said she actually preferred it. We're not kidding, and once you witness this incredible scene, you'll see. The dude we hired to pound her loved Brandi's tight pussy so much, he couldn't hold back and had to spunk her face before we even got into the ass! Then, after he invaded Brandi's tight rectum, he loses another nut, again right in her pretty face. Two facials and a gaping ass, just for the members of Spunkmouth!

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