Spirit Guide

Released at: July 26, 2013 by Metro
** Rare, Out of Print Title** Alex Sanders stars as a man who suffers a heart attack at the moment he's about to make love to his girlfriend Tera Heart. In purgatory, he meets his Spirit Guide, played by Stephen St Croix. The guide is too preoccupied with trying to get laid and is late to his appointment with Sanders who steals his guide book and escapes back to Earth. St. Croix chases after him where hilarity and several sexual situations ensue while Sanders chases after Tera Heart and St. Croix chases after Sanders. A particularly clever and funny scene is where St. Croix accidentally possesses the body of Tera Heart while she is having sex with Tom Byron. St. Croix gives a particularly funny performance in this romantic comedy written by Alex Sanders and directed By Jim Enright.

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Olivia (I)

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Tera Heart