Released at: April 25, 2007 by ZFX Productions
Two sexy animal right activists from the P.D.T.A., or People for the Decent Treatment of Animals, break into a government research facility to release suffering lab animals. What they quickly discover is that they will be the ones doing the suffering! Because instead of a bunch of fuzzy rabbits and rats, they find a creature that is much less appealing...Oscar. Oscar is a genetically altered spider, injected with chemicals and radioactive isotopes to increase its size and intelligence. Oscar is a bio-weapon in development to be used in high-risk assassinations and as a terror weapon. But in the process of experiment Oscar has developed some very disturbing capabilities. Aside from now being a foot and a half long, Oscar has formed an enlarged sex organ, and a very odd, seemingly sexual interest in human females. Worst of all, Oscar seems to have the ability to exercise some form of mind control, which has made him very dangerous for his keepers...and anyone else who comes in contact with him, particularly sexy human females! In this lab, it's not the animals that are suffering but the humans! This is without a doubt one of the strangest, most shocking movies yet made. This ultraviolent adult horror and bondage you'll have to see to believe! Don't miss it!!

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