Spanked On the Class Trip Part 2

Released at: April 3, 2022 by Universal Spanking
Janet (Mimi) is lucky to have a teacher that loves her and cares about her. Earlier in the weekend on their class trip to Chicago, he spanked her bare behind good (Spanked On the Class Trip Part 1) due to her bad behavior. Janet was warned that the spankings would get much more severe if there was another incident during the weekend trip. Unfortunately for her, she couldn't keep her behavior in check, ...Janet was found giving a blowjob in the alley behind the museum when she should have been learning, subsequently she has marched back to her room for corporal punishment! It's no wonder that the boys would be after Janet, her luscious round bottom was certainly eye catching, but restraint is expected and required from a girl, especially one attending a class trip. Her spanking started with no warm up at all, just hard strap strokes over her very tight blue jeans. The intensity of the punishment increased when her jeans and panties were pulled down and her bare bottom was introduced to furious strokes of her teacher's leather belt! Maybe she thought that she could taste the fruits of sin without consequences, but once the paddle was pulled out, Janet knew that her days of sitting easy were over!!! She was straddled as she laid over the the stool, exposed in front of her teacher, and being a man of honor he laid into her with some hard swats as she thought about what she did. An educator often has to decide when a student is learning a lesson, sometimes it's hard to tell and a point must be driven home in such a manner that there is absolutely no question that the lesson has sunk in. A split tailed strap was applied to the buns of Janet as her spanking went on, the leather dug deep and gripped each and every lick, during this time she really thought about changing her path and going on the road that a good girl should. When the long and harsh wooden paddle came out to finish the punishment and those swats began to land hard, that's when Janet decided to change her life and to focus on the important things in life again, set goals that a well behaved student would set for herself.

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