South Of The Border 6 - Interrogations

Released at: April 4, 2007 by ZFX Productions
In the South of the Border series, you watched as beautiful American girls were driven into white slavery by the crooked Mexican justice system with the unscrupulous help of Yankee "advisors," trading hot flesh for cold hard cash supplied by evil millionaire terrorists with a taste for good old American pussy. In Part 6 watch as buxom blonde journalist Pamela Heart (Ashley Blake) starts asking all the wrong questions about the growing list of American women missing in Mexico City. She soon finds herself under arrest and in the cruel custody of the Joint Drug Task Group, the bogus bust facilitated by the large bag of narcotics they planted in her desk drawer. The 2 grinning agents leading Ms. Heart away in chains will insure that her rights, and every orifice of her hot little body will be thoroughly searched once she is back at the jail. Meanwhile, American embassy lawyer Patricia Petty (Elaine Payton) shows up at the jail wanting to talk to Col. South about the fate of the incarcerated cuties. Seeing the profit potential in Patricia's statuesque 5'8" frame, exotic beauty and blonde curls, she is summarily arrested and, of course, in her purse they find a huge bag of cocaine! Hoping to help the other girls, Patricia will now share their awful fate. She too will be broken, then shipped off to the highest bidder where she will be used as a sexual plaything by some sadistic millionaire or villainous sheik. But first her will is slowly destroyed by each electrical jolt, crack of the whip or burn from a smoldering cigarette butt. And still deep in the bowels of the Mexico City Jail annex, pretty Megan Cortez (Lisa Kinkaid) is being slowly turned into a zombie. Having attracted the interest of a "special buyer," her life has been spared but her fate may be worse than death. In the haste to ready her for her new owner, she is being strung out on smack. Shackled to a filthy cot, she is soon begging for the drug, willing to do anything to get it.. This is the accelerated method of breaking down a sex slave, and with Megan's feisty nature and repeated escape attempts, she is a prime candidate to keep subdued. Super hot newcomers Elaine Payton and Ashley Blake as well as veteran ZFX hottie Lisa Kinkaid star in this worthy continuance of the South of the Border series.

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